Recent developments on biotechnological products once more have demonstrated that advances can be achieved but only at high efforts and costs. The time required to obtain product approval is always longer and expenses are always higher than predicted because most products are faced with drawbacks during its development, production, registration and/or during clinical testing.

In this course we will give you a state-of-the-art overview for biotechnological/biomedical and especially cell culture derived products. Several products and the problems encountered during their development will be highlighted and discussed in detail. This course will provide you not only with new scientific and process information but also with first-hand information on specific problems that biotech industries are faced with to enhance predictability and prospects for new products.

The aim of these full-time advanced international courses is

  1. To provide an updated overview and to broaden your scope on recent developments in research, technologies and methodologies, up-scaling, applications and regulations for (medical) biotechnological products and
  2. To stimulate interactions and exchange of knowledge between Universities and other research centres and (bio)pharmaceutical Industries, bringing together researchers, (production) managers and decision-makers from various disciplines.

In addition to a series of didactic state-of-the-art lectures from experienced scientists and other experts in the field, you will visit laboratories in research centres (and) or related industries. This will provide further insight in the infrastructure and will offer the participants the opportunity to discuss with experts in the various fields. The limited group size (maximum 24 persons) for each course will facilitate extensive and fruitful discussions.