Biocult's core business since 1992 is the in vitro upscaling of immortalized cells for animal or human(ized) monoclonal antibody production and purification. Mammalian cell culture technology has proven over the years to be a robust and suitable technology for the production of (pharmaceutical) proteins. Especially for in vivo studies, cell derived proteins behave more "naturally" e.g. the correct glycosilation pattern results in a higher efficacy as compared to other production systems using bacterial or yeast cells. The renewed interest in cell derived proteins from mammalian cell lines has resulted in a series of potential new products in the pipeline with clinical application and has also led now to a worldwide shortage of production capacity.

As an independent outsourcing partner BIOCULT can also help to further develop and advice on your manufacturing process, manufacturing, storage and testing of your cell bank. We can produce your monoclonal antibody to the quality you need. Our focus is to produce small or medium sized batches in the 1-25 gram range with an upscaling possibility up to batches of 100 gram or more. Do you have a (temporary) constraint in production? Contact us, we can help!

Biocult provides contract manufacturing services for Monoclonal Antibodies. We have been NEN-EN-ISO-9001:2008 certified since 2003 and are now operating as a small independent contract manufacturing facility in Roelofarendsveen, The Netherlands.

Biocult helps companies with a shortage in manufacturing capacity to meet their needs for pilot production, establishing of cell banks and the manufacture of product for clinical (Phase I) studies according to GMP guidelines, however BIOCULT is not in the position to obtain a GMP license.